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Drap-Art’22: Inauguration and Participating Artists



It’s time! Drap-Art’22, the International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia, is about to start! From November 17 to December 21, the festival’s exhibitions will occupy different emblematic spaces in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. The opening of the festival will take place tomorrow Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 18:30 at El Borsí, Plaza de la Verónica 2. The full program of the festival can be found on our website.

Opening concerts

Cristian Bertolo

To celebrate the start of the festival, three opening concerts will be held at Plaza del Rey on Saturday, November 19 from 20:00 to 22:00: a Flairdrum concert by Daniel Bornmann and Soleika (flute), a concert by the Argentine rapper La Maga, and a performance by the Austrian artist Crystn Hunt Akron, who returns to Drap-Art with Plasticphonia, a mix of electronic music with audiovisual projections created from the plastics she collects on the beaches. 


prat pons

40 artists – invited by the festival, chosen by open call or selected by commissioners – will participate in the 26th edition of Drap-Art. In addition, the In Memoriam section, which this year will be dedicated to Modest Cuixart, will once again be included. In different exhibitions, workshops, performances and interventions in the public space, the visitors will be able to enjoy the works of contemporary and urban artists, designers, artisans, musicians, artivists, amateurs and creatives of all kinds.

The Artists of Drap-Art’22

Invited Artists

Eirik Audunson Skaar (1964)
Oslo, Norway

Rani Bruchstein (1973)
Tel Aviv, Israel

Ulrike Koeb (1959)
Vorarlberg, Austria

Edgar Massegú (1985)
Sarrià de Ter, Spain

Xavier Pons Inbernon (1977)
Girona, Spain

Miguel Escobar (1962)
Barcelona, Spain

Manel Sellarès (1970)
Terrassa, Espanya

Chrystn Hunt Akron (1962)
Linz, Austria

Boback Emad (1963)
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Ramiro Sobral (1972)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Daniel Bornmann
Hamburg, Germany

Artist In Memoriam:

Modest Cuixart

© Modest Cuixart, VEGAP, Barcelona 2022
© Modest Cuixart, VEGAP, Barcelona 2022
© Modest Cuixart, VEGAP, Barcelona 2022
© Modest Cuixart, VEGAP, Barcelona 2022
Selected Artists

  • Enric Servera
  • Ilaria Sansotta
  • Jana Alvarez
  • Jordi Prat Pons
  • Ladislas Chachignot
  • Alacalle
  • Amadeu Flix
  • Valentina Greene Meersohn
  • Victor Mondragón
  • Virginia Rondeel
  • Alfredo Blasco Nuin
  • Hatice Rana Tarhangil Karadayi
  • Guy Moberly
  • Jordi Palli
  • Karin Heinrich
  • Bahareh Shahin
  • Indira Urrutia Zúñiga
  • Jordi Prat Pons
  • Lisa Rubin
  • Orquestronia
  • Alacalle
  • Magali «La Maga» Ugolini
  • Plants and plastics configuration file