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Patrick Tagoe-Turkson - Mpua - 2021 - 124cm H x 119cm W - Found upcycled Flip-flops on suede
17/11/22 Inauguración Drap Art 2022-Villa del arte Galleries. Barcelona

It’s time to officially kick off the Catalonia Sustainable Art International Festival, the #Drap-Art’23AlGòtic!

From October 26 to December 21, 2023

We present with excitement and enthusiasm an edition filled with local and international collaborations, promoting environmental awareness and collective action in the face of climate change.

This year, you will be thrilled with a series of notable events that highlight the importance of collaboration and the awakening of environmental consciousness. From collective exhibitions in notable galleries in the Gothic Quarter to impactful actions in emblematic spaces of Barcelona that are waiting to be activated, such as Plaça de la Mercè and Plaça del Rei.

DrapArt’23 promises to inspire reflection and action in favor of the environment and our inner voices.

Don’t miss the exciting festival inauguration with three dates and unmissable collaborations, followed by the mid-November opening of selected artists at Artesanía Catalunya and the “Infinite Natures” exhibition curated by Betty Bigas at Reial Cercle Artístic. We pay tribute to Víctor Nubla, a multifaceted artist whose vision continues to inspire us today, and we thank all the artists and collaborators for their dedication to sustainable art and the creative use of recycled materials.

Download the complete program using the button below.

Meet Karol Bergeret García, the artist of the month

Karol Bergeret, daughter of Uruguayan architects and a graduate in Industrial Design from XXX School, has made a name for herself with her Workshop of Ideas, a center for art, design, and interior design projects. Based in Menorca, her work has graced galleries all over the world, including Barcelona, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Pittsburgh, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo, among others.

The Daughters

“After talking about Saintly Mistresses of the house (an endangered species), Brides and Widows, goddess working mothers (whom I call SuperWomanShiva), Neighbors from the 5th floor and some Marujos… in this exhibition I want to make room for the Daughters.

These Daughters/Sons who emerge from the larger project; cutouts and diversifications of my sculptures, using ironing boards as canvas, and who, through other found domestic objects, become transmitters of feminine stories, often invisible to society.

Bb’lamps, soup plates served with MOTHER’S LOVE, Kellys and Waitresses hangers, Mother-daughters… and other delights, the result of the encounter with my own treasures collected and kept for years, will come to light for this occasion.

Furthermore, reclaiming the Super Gothic collective action project, we will continue the search for a woman from the neighborhood to whom we will pay tribute on an ironing post in 2024.”

Plástico x La Maga

“Plástico” fue lanzada en el mercado digital el 28 de marzo y el videoclip fue producido en colaboración con nuestra organización, IMB School y artistas locales. Creamos un video que tiene como objetivo crear conciencia sobre la sobreproducción de plásticos y su impacto negativo en el planeta.

Drap Art Barcelona


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