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17/11/22 Inauguración Drap Art 2022-Villa del arte Galleries. Barcelona

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Meet the artist of the month: Norberto Fuentes

Spring begins with an extraordinary Artist of the Month: Norberto Fuentes (Caspe, 1958) with a long career dedicated to painting and sculpture is joining us from Zaragoza, with the aim of sharing the pleasure he takes in making sculptural interpretations of prime numbers.

Complexity or the Quest for Being

Bricks of Arithmetics, red thread of the number theory, atoms of mathematics…. I looked at the numbers 5, 7, 97, and I didn’t see this.
I thought about representation. Yes, the problem I had is that the way of representing them, that we use, closes off my way.
The Ishango bone, the Sumerian cones and a number of beautiful ways to represent numbers.
Eureka! There are other ways to show the number. I discovered the Mediterranean! Back to the beginning.
They all have a common place, unity. A being, a oneness and there is the interpretation code of my way of representing.
Being and the number. Their relationships and Complexity.
For me it is evident that prime numbers are impeccable models for establishing the basis of the complex reality that surrounds us.
They are colossal, exciting and very, very artistic.
I would love you to enjoy making them as much as I do, even if it’s just a little bit.”


Drap-Art Gallery
C. d’en Groc, 1
08002 Barcelona

From May 8 to June 1

Drap Art Barcelona