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Artist of the month of April: Jordi López-Alert

This month of April we take the opportunity to present Jordi Lopez-Alert (Capellades, 1971), a fellow adventurer, who has been participating in Drap-Art projects for some time, among others, the collective exhibition and premiere of Drap-Art in the United States, at the RE:New Festival in Pittsburgh.
Lopez-Alert has a degree in Fine Arts and a diploma in Library and Information Science from the University of Barcelona, UB. In 2009 he stayed for a longer period of time in Michigan (USA), where he developed a series of poetic and contemporary works with reused paper grocery bags, he named the Michigan Papers Series. His interest in the environment, industrial society, landscape and everything that surrounds it, and how it affects and conditions human life, are recurrent in his work. Michigan Papers is the starting point for many of his later artistic proposals, in which he claims the contemporaneity of drawing, painting and printmaking in a world dominated by digital imaging and in which he nearly always reuses discarded materials.

The opening will be on Thursday, April 13 from 6:30 p.m. at the Drap-Art Gallery.


THE CONTAINER – THE NEST (paper, cardboard, plastic…)

“This proposal includes artworks from various artistic projects that I have developed in recent years. Works that are born from a poetic look at my environment, and from the manipulation and intervention of different daily waste; works that are expressed in various languages and that are subtly intertwined to generate a contemporary narrative: the consumer society facing the environmental crisis; digital life versus drawing, painting, sculpture…
The works are part of the projects: Michigan Papers: traveling inwards (2009), The last assembly (2015), Nothing expires: recycling emotions (2017), Plastic: glups…! (2017), Book Territory: Free Territory (2018) and A Burnt Mountain (2020); some of which continue to evolve and generate new work”.

Jordi López-Alert
March, 2023