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Drap-Art News!


Dear friends of Drap-Art,

First of all, we want to wish you a happy start to the year and express our gratitude for your participation in Drap-Art’23, which has been incredibly valuable for us. We also want to let you know that we continue to be open in our permanent space with the exhibition of the Artist of the Month, Jana Álvarez, which we will extend until February 24. Drop by and take a look!

We also have many other artworks at reduced prices on display. If the Kings have left you some money for a self-gift, you might find something interesting here. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that on January 19, we will inaugurate the exhibition “Sustainable Art for a Happier World” at the Miguel de Cervantes Library in Shanghai. It was previously showcased from November 9 to 12 at the Westbund Art & Design Fair, also in Shanghai, and it was highly successful.

Despite everything that is happening, we believe it’s crucial to maintain optimism and the vision of a shift towards a more sustainable and happy world. In 2024, we will work to contribute to the flourishing and strengthening of this vision. We will hold our annual assembly on January 29, where we will share details about the projects we have in progress, and we invite you to be part of them. Come and get informed!

All of you are invited; please confirm your attendance at: