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Upcycling Art Award Germany

In this first edition of the German Upcycling Art Prize, the finalists were: Kerstin Bruchhäuser, Jürgen Hohmann, Daniela Melzig, Ramona Seyfahrt, Eric Weiser, Gudrun Staiger & Rudi Beutinger and Willi Reiche, selected by an online procedure and exhibiting his works at the Zentrum fur Zirkuläre Kunst, ZZK (Center for Circular Art) from 22 May to 6 June. On May 29, the jury formed by Cora Knoblauch (art historian and critic, director of the program on art and fairness on Radio 1 Berlin, Thomas Klotz (artist and actor, influencer Upcycling with a program on German TV on upcycling and diy), Tanja Grass (founder and president of Drap-Art) met in the city of Lübz, with Julia Theek (founder of the Gesellschaft für Zirkuläre Kunst (Society for Circular Art) and initiator of the Upcycling Art Award) .

A first meeting and visit of the exhibition of the finalists was held on the afternoon of May 29. We started debating what our favorite pieces were and for what reasons, and on the morning of May 30, a second visit to the ZZK was made, we finished debating and making the selection of the 3 winners by consensus. The winners are:

Ramona Seyfarth with the piece Unbenannt: first prize
Kerstin Bruchhäuser with the piece Bojagi pink: second prize
Willi Reiche with the piece Every Brass I take: third prize

The three winners will exhibit the winning pieces at Drap-Art’22 in Barcelona.

After this session of the jury, the well-known announcer of Radio 1 Berlin, Steen Lorenzen, interviewed us to make a podcast, which was broadcast on June 5, World Environment Day and the day they were announced the winners at a public event at the ZZK with the Mayor of Lübz, other authorities, sponsors, collaborators, jury and participating artists.

On June 7, the exhibition moved to Berlin, to the VKU Forum ( where it will remain for almost a year. No inaugural event of the exhibition was held, neither in Lübz nor in Berlin due to health safety measures, so there was not much publicity or flyer design. It was basically spread on social media and podcasts. It is planned to hold an opening and complementary activities such as talks, workshops and performances as part of the exhibition.


To establish relationships with other artist organisations in Germany to reforce the international collaborative network of Drap-Art.

Iniciate an interchange project between german and catalonian artists with the Center for Circular Art (ZZK) and the Society for Circular Art. für Zirkuläre Kunst.

Initiate a collaboration with the Art Attic Academy Lübzer Kunst Speicher (Art Attic from Lübz) and program courses with catalonian art teachers there.

Renew the already established network with Kunst-Stoffe Berlin and the Haus der Materialisierung (House of Materialisation)..

To renew contacts with german and dutch artists with whom we've already done projects such as HA Schult from Cologne, Stephanie Senge from Munich/Berlin and Refunc from The Hague.

Establish contacts with new organisations and festivals such as City Leaks from Cologne.

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