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Xupa’m el Gòtic, Drap-Art Youngsters speak

Drap-Art participates with the magazine Xupa’m el Gòtic –Drap-Art Youngsters speak, in the Ràdio Rambles project. The name wants to express the feeling of being filled with the Gothic neighborhood, of sniffing out the Gothic quarter, as the young people who chose it, explain.

The program is meant to be a channel of expression for them, with news items and topics they are interested in, with news from the neighborhood and interviews with artists from the neighborhood and / or associated to Drap-Art or simply artists they like.

Ràdio Rambles is a radio program that aims to give a voice to the residents, entities, institutions, events and communities of Las Ramblas, with an eye toward recovering this space for the neighborhood. The radio has a physical studio at Kiosk 17 on La Rambla (nr. 99) and broadcasts live and in podcast format through the Barcelona Community Radio Network website:

Here you can listen to the programs Xupa’m el Gòtic has made so far:

Consuelo Bautista, Xavier Theros and Tanja Grass talk about Drap-Art and other current topics.

Taifa Asinari and Tanja Grass interview the Norwegian artist Eirik Auduson Skaar, who will be present at Drap-Art’22. With muscal intervals by Macaco, Manu Chau, Ojos de Brujo and Stay Homas, representative of the Barcelona Sound.

Marc Vilajuana, a multidisciplinary artist, presents: Ecology, Urbanism and Sustainability, the Role of Folk in the City, Music and Roots. With Noelia Parajuá, investigator of ecofeminist economy and musician, and Irene Romero, who propagates Galician Folk music.

Sayen Cuadrado Llahí and Marta Ovejero talk about the dicotomy between the digital and analogical world.

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