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Exciting news at Drap-Art!

Exciting news at Drap-Art!

As March arrives, a new season begins at Drap-Art: on Saturday, March 2nd, the Market at Plaza Real kicks off, and on the 6th, we introduce our first Artist of the Month for 2024: Joaquim Riera, also known as Recuperart.

This year, the Drap-Art season of artistic recycling and sustainable consumption boasts 24 stalls and the following exhibitors: AC Colecciones Recicladas, Zebraba, Forquillart, Y/A Jewel, TAMdrum, Lanau, Síndrome de Diógenes, Bicho Robot, GdS Collage, Canilo, Producciones Pikulinas, rabal.925, Ellipsis Notas, Vitrofusion BCN, Natt Glass & Design, Palola, Bob Art Factory, Lay Díez Fotografía, Musa Mundi, Balansí, Yosoyo, Kandela, El árbol design, Almau Barcelona, Zueva Arte, and occasionally featuring Wanellen, Adrilana, Maral Joyas, Alef y La Creacion, Kukos, Oritakebcn, Raices Imaginarias, Dios era Mujer, Marcelo Iannuzzi, Los Bubus, and Creta Handmade Notebooks. Come see our new offerings!

Additionally, on March 6th, we introduce one of our new partners: Joaquim Riera. This veteran graphic designer discovered the technique of repurposing discarded materials into artwork in 2012. Hence, he defines his body of work under the name “RECUPERART,” the art of making art through material recovery. In 2023, Joaquim joined and participated in the exhibition of artists selected through the open call of the Drap-Art’23 Festival.

Finally, the works of the last two Artists of the Month from 2023, Jana Álvarez and Karol Bergeret, will still be available in our online store and exhibited in two new collaborating spaces: Jana’s pieces at Kynoto Sushi Bar on Calle Correo Viejo 8, and Karol Bergeret’s works at Vermutería Puigmartí, which is celebrating: Their special pink vermouth, developed by its inventor, Agus, and which we’ve had the privilege to taste during its trial period at Drap-Art’23 openings, is now bottled and for sale! Join us on March 4th at Calle Puigmartí 12 for a tasting and to admire Karol’s works. We’ll be there starting from 7 p.m.