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Call for Artists – Participate in the Drap-Art’24 Market in Plaza Real!

Dear Drap Art Community,

It is with great excitement that we open the call for the Drap Art’24 Market in Plaza
Real, a space that celebrates sustainable creativity and offers a unique opportunity to
show and sell original works made with recycled materials.

Requirements of the call for artists
To be able to participate in the call for artists, you will need to have your membership fee for 2024 up to date.

Selection Criteria
● Products must be made out of recycled materials.
● Products made out of sustainable materials are also valued.
● Handcrafted products that are not made out of recycled materials will only be accepted exceptionally, for instance in substitutions.
● Products must be creative and artistic, original and innovative and have excellent finishings.

Diversity of the products offered
Only the most outstanding of each type of product will be selected, to guarantee that there will be variety in the products offered at the market.

● To attend every Saturday of the season.
● To notify at least a week in advance if you cannot attend on the following Saturdays because of a force majeure, such as an illness. In the case of planned absences, these should be notified on inscription or at leat 2 months in advance.
● Compromise top pay the daily fee in case of unnotified absence or in case the organizer has not been able to find you a substitute.

5. Responsibility and Diligence
● To hand in on time all documentation required for the inscription of the exhibitors
● Diligence in delivering the necessary material for the promotion of the market and its exhibitors, especially quality photos of the products.
● Compliance with payment deadlines.

6. Value of the trajectory
● Years of membership and participant in the market.
● Active involvement in the association and its projects.
● Identification with Drap-Art’s values
● Responsibility and cooperative spirit.

Read the requirements in detail, complete the application form to register, you can find all you need here below.

This call represents an exceptional opportunity to highlight circular economy, the importance of responsible creativity and the reuse of materials. We want build a space where art and sustainability merge to inspire our community and create a happier world
We encourage all artists committed to transformation to participate in the call for the Drap-Art’24 Market in Plaza Real!

Remember that every small gesture counts, and your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle is an inspiration for all of us.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to your proposals.

With much love,

Drap-Art, where nothing disappears and everything is transformed.