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#DrapArt23AlGòtic invites you to this week’s agenda

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Free show with El Arca de Neo this Friday at 7 pm at the Reial Cercle Artístic

Discover creative solutions from nature to environmental problems with El Arca de Neo. From the Treehorn that plants trees to the Black Crabber that fights plastic in the sea. Neo Darwin presents this poetic and humorous show.

Synopsis: Neo Darwin revives forgotten animals, like the Snowrhino and the Hip! Opossum. Mutant creatures that have evolved to save the planet, even with a surprise related to Covid-19.

Creative Responses to Environmental Issues:

  • Deforestation: Treehorn plants trees with its horn-branches.
  • Light Pollution: Gloworm reduces light pollution with its faint flicker.
  • Deep Sea Pollution: Wrecksquid dismantles sunken ships.
  • Ocean Pollution and Plastics: Striped Ray and Black Crabber fight against floating debris.

Didier Maes, actor and creator of Theatre l’Alambre, invites you to this unique journey of art, science, and humor.

Pre-book at

Free entry! Don’t miss it!

We invite you to the Artist Talk with the incredible Jordi Prat Pons

🗓️ Date: Thursday, November 16

🕕 Time: 18:30 📍

Location: Test Gallery, Carrer de Milans, 3, Barcelona.

And to make this even more exciting, the president of Drap Art, Tanya Grass (@tanja.grass.3), will be the moderator.

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the artist’s career, discuss the works featured in Drap Art 2023, and those displayed in the Test Gallery.

We hope to see you there for good company and artistic conversation! Don’t miss it!